About Us


We are David and Terri, and Pretties & Grace is our baby!

Together we have the blended family of 6 kiddos, which has quickly turned into more as they
are all finding their “person!” We love having a big family and to us there is nothing greater than
hanging out with your grown children! Never a dull moment and lots of fun!

We love Jesus. We search him in every decision! From the big, large ones (like opening a store!
Eeek!) to just a parking spot at church, we look to him together for guidance.

This man. He is definitely a “Yes man”.
He will do anything “just to see her smile!” (His words)
Decor is my hobby. My passion. My happy place.
It’s a creative outlet, yes, but it is a way to connect also….to help others create spaces they
love. Hence, Pretties & Grace was born.​

From a 6x10 booth in the very back of a local vintage market to well over 1600
square feet in the mall, to now our beloved storefront. God has gone before us in every
step….and we have created more and more conversations about Jesus!

David and I strive to be unique. Different. And choose quality products at price points for every
shopper. We love hearing, “it’s different every time I come in!” We support local makers, and
love our community!​

Now, here we are on inter-webs! We are happy to be launching prettiesandgrace.com in an
effort to further not only your shopping experience, but also our ministry blog…which will only
help us enhance “the grace space” where we connect, and share, and pray with and love one

And one last tidbit of trivia...we BOTH have day jobs! Yes! We can do it all. Because we have.
God has sent us the PERFECT staff. We are a team. And you have received us so well.

Thank you, friends. For allowing us to bring you Pretties & Grace. We love it. And hope you do,

David & Terri

We would love you to visit the store!

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