Welcome to "The Grace Space!"

Take 2.

Isn’t’ that what GRACE is all about?

Second chances.


Starting again.

Maybe not in the literal sense….but bear with me while I explain.

We, at Pretties & Grace, launched our website a year ago. On a wing and a prayer….with BIG plans and EVEN BIGGER dreams. A mere 6 months after our doors opened.

A place to shop? Absolutely.

And we are SO GRATEFUL for you. Our customers and friends who have been such loyal shoppers. A couple of years ago, I could have never imagine our little biz like it is now. Such a blessing to us.

A place to get to know us? Yep!

You can get to know our story. How we started. What we want out of Pretties & Grace.

My personal blog? A ministry of sorts? My mission field?

Yes, yes, and yes!

Momma failed.

Life happened.

Time is a fleeting luxury. One of which I have very little.
And these thoughts between my ears, never went from pen to paper.

So! Here we go again.

The Grace Space. A new name. A renewed vision. A place where we can hang out, chat about life, and share my heart.

We are revamping and making a few changes, so pardon our progress! Changes in which you will see along the way! We have new and exciting things LIKE OUR NEW PLACE IN NWA! You just HAVE to visit our new space inside The Shops of BrickCity, Fayetteville. It is so fabulous, and we are so honored to be on “The Hill!” Our website will have a new look, a renewed energy, and will be a bit easier to navigate.

Also! You will begin to find new information in your inboxes! So be sure to subscribe to our email list! You can do so >HERE<.

Don’t forget to follow along on our socials! Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and even THREADS! Those are where you will find our newest products, oftentimes, before they hit the floor! You will find our latest promotions, sales, and event news and the best place to know immediately what is going on at Pretties & Grace.

Make it a point to peruse around. And visit often!

We are gearing up for the Holiday Season…in the store, online, and at Glitz & Garland!

Thank you for joining us.

David and I are so grateful for our little corner of the world.

Thank you for the GRACE when we fall short. While we continue to learn. And grow. Man, growing pains are the real deal.

Our vision is the same. To provide a unique shopping experience…where we create conversations about Jesus, offer both investment pieces and affordable décor for most any budget, heartfelt gifts, and most of all friendship connections that will last a lifetime. When you step in the store, you know we are a family of believers, and we want to enhance your experience so that you will come back.

Time and time again. That, my friends, is not changing.

Thank you for your choice to shop with us.

For trusting us with your conversations, your prayer requests, and your friendship.

Thank you for your kindness. For supporting small. For investing in local.

Thank you for allowing us to give back to our community, for we rarely say no.

And for coming back!

YOU are the best part of Pretties & Grace.

Let’s take this walk together, friends. Won’t you join me?